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The Annual New York City Girls Computer Science and Engineering Conference 2014
FIHS junior institute girls had a taste of the tremendous creativity and innovation involved in computer science and engineering career...how these fields can change the world!

FIHS Visits Stone Barns Organic Farm -- Local Farming Up close
Our students learned about sustainable farming concepts, year round farming, Farm-to-table community based food production concepts and saw and experienced farming first hand ... 

FIHS is proud to present & congratulate our 2014-2015 Open Door Scholars

Yichen Hu (11th grader), Haolun Lai (11th grader), Ang Nimi Sherpa (11th grader), Minghua Lin (12th grader), Chaohe Chen (12th grader), Heidi Mercado (12th grader), RG Raymond (12th grader), and Tenzin Choeyang (12th grader). 
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Flushing International Students at the 3rd Internationals Science Fair

On May 7th, students from Evolution/Revolution and E3 visited the American Museum of Natural History to participate in the 3rd Internationals Science Fair.  They presented science projects alongside students from International High School for Health Sciences, International High School at Lafayette, and International Community High School.  We listened to a talk by the museum's own Dr. Claudia Wultsch and saw her and her field assistant, Bruiser demonstrate what it looks like to hunt for jaguar scat (you can see more of them on the BBC's Lost Land of the Tiger).  What an amazing show of work by all of the schools who came!  Congratulations to all the young scientists who participated.  We hope to see you all next year at the 4th Internationals Science Fair! 

The Truth about Drugs:

The Connections team would like to thank the Foundation for a Drug Free World for their presentation on April 4th educating our students about drugs and their effect. Having the speaker share his knowledge, has certainly 

contributed toward our students’ awareness and decision-making skills. 
If you are interested on learning more about this topic, go to http://www.drugfreeworld.org/

Student Government Representatives Meet the Mayor! 

Flushing International's Student Government visited City Hall on February 11th, where they learned about the workings of NYC government. While at City Hall, the students had the opportunity to meet the 109th mayor of New York City! 

Thank you, Mayor de Blasio  for taking the time to come over and speak with us! The students also visited Federal Hall, the site where our first president George Washington took the oath of office.

Evolution / Revolution 9th Graders Build Hydroponic Gardens
Fridays this January the E/R 9th graders are traveling deep into the heart of Brooklyn to the Environmental Study Center.  We are learning about hydroponics and building our own working systems.  This past week was construction day.  We planted the seedlings we started last week in the hydroponic systems we constructed from scratch this week.  In the next two weeks, we will return to measure our vegetables and eventually harvest them!  See more pictures at: http://bit.ly/1bBdIR5

Students from the Mural Project go the MET!

FIHS' artists in the Roots Mural Project visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. They observed arts from various cat could serve as symbols for the different themes that will comprise our school mural.

Among the artist are Cristian Calleja, Maudeline Clervoix, Liz Nouel, Xuechen Jia, Santiago Martinez, Woiser Youdon , Jorge Correa, Melvin Gongora, Tashi Dolma, Longgen Nie, Sandy Gouda, Pamela Guaman Criollo, Xianle Jin, Surya Rahman, and Jinling Huang. The mural is expected to be done by the end of April!

Green Thumbs Visit a Rooftop Farm in Long Island City

Students in the Green Thumbs elective are learning about urban farming.  On October 1st, we visited the Brooklyn Grange, an enormous rooftop farm located in Long Island City.  We learned about food systems, tasted green leafy vegetables, held worms from the compost pile, and admired the clucking chickens.  We are inspired to do some of our own growing at school.

FIHS Visits the Queens Botanical Garden

On September 19th, the Connections Team along with ER and E3 visited the Queens Botanical Garden to enrich their conceptual understanding of biodiversity. They learned more about city plants, the different types of weeds and how weeds can survive in different climates. The students participated in a workshop which main purpose was to make students aware that weeds could be beneficial in the urban areas as it stops soil erosion and can also be used for medical purposes.

STEM Education: FIHS student worked at the world class Harlem DNA Lab


At the Harlem DNA Lab, a dozen lucky students were selected to extract DNA from a cell this summer. James Creed was one of those lucky students, who spent 55 hours of training in conservation genetics and DNA bar-coding. James performed electrophoresis, or pushed DNA strands through a gel filter to separate the molecules.

Instructor Christine Marizzi (l.) works with students on genetics and DNA bar-coding at the Harlem DNA Lab.

“I actually enjoy doing this,” said a 15-year-old, who decided to join the program with a classmate. “I get to experience science other than just learning from a book. I’m kind of excited to see what it’s going to look like, because I’ve never done gel electrophoresis.”

The Harlem DNA Lab, which is operated by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, is equipped with state-of-the-art gear like dissecting microscopes, incubators and centrifuges for kids to use. And the program is free, thanks to $26 million in federal and private grants.

“There was no real science education going on, specifically in East Harlem, where there’s a need for STEM education,” said Marizzi, who is originally from Austria. “I think it’s a perfect place to expose kids to science, especially students who don’t have the opportunity to get science in school.”

For Shana Ramnarain, joining the program means the 14-year-old is one step closer to pursuing her dream job as a forensic pathologist.
“Science has always been one of my strongest points,” said the Queens high school freshman, who takes three trains from her home to get to the lab. “That’s what I’m headed for in my career. I like watching crime shows.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/education/stem/harlem-dna-lab-kids-dose-science-article-1.1418548#ixzz2bxbg0xab

FIHS Wins First Place at the First Annual Internationals Math Olympiad

Please congratulate Songyan Zhang, Michel Gomes, Junyi Lin, Laura Perez, and Joel Park, who as a team won first place in the first Annual Internationals Math Olympiad.

The competition was for 9th and 10th grade students from the Internationals Network, and took place at Cleromont International High School in the Bronx.
We can't wait to bring more students next year and celebrate the work our students do.

IHTD Day of Action on Capitol Hill
12th grade students Liliana Tenezaca, Pamela Taveras, Xuebing Li, and Jeffri Reyes traveled to Washington DC for the annual If I Had A Trillion Dollars national youth film festival, leadership training and lobby day.  They had the opportunity to meet legislators on Capitol Hill to encouraged them to spend less money on the military and more money on education.  They also participated in an action on the Washington mall demanding the same.  We are proud of them and hope our students will continue to share their stories and their ideas with the community, and our nation's politicians.  Good work Pamela, Xuebing, Liliana and Jeffri!

The Connections Team Visits SUNY New Paltz

Often we forget that being college-ready means more than having the necessary skills in writing, reading, and mathematics. Aside from virtual tours, it is essential for students to have a real and palpable experience of a college campus, so they can anticipate how their social life would be while attending an university. That is why the Connections Team, in addition to some students from E3 and Future Horizons visited a SUNY campus upstate. During our visit, students were given a campus tour, had the opportunity to ask questions, and were able to eat at the campus main dining hall. Aside from loving the food, many of our students expressed eagerness to go to college or at least consider the option. Thank you AMP/CSTEP for hosting us!

 FIHS Students attend the NYC Girls Computer Science & Engineering Conference

On April 18th, eight of our female students from the Junior Institute attended the Computer Science and Engineering conference hosted by NYU, Google, and Princeton University. Students had a chance to see that engineering and computer science are the key concepts behind the creation of many of the objects we use on a daily basis; among these are: iPhones, lipstick, elevators, vacuums, video games, etc. Even being able to tag your friend on a picture on Facebook.

Anyone in the field, can tell you that their job is to make our lives easier. Yet, most of the jobs in that industry are well underrepresented by women; which is why the goal of this conference was to encourage our girls to consider this field for their post-secondary studies.

On that day
, our students had the opportunity to create interactive videos, games, and music using SCRATCH and CHUCK. They also had the opportunity to compete in the building of a structurally sound tower using spaghetti and gumdrops. We all had a lot of fun!


On Tuesday, March 6th, 2013 the FIHS DREAM Team joined the NY DREAM Act Albany Day of Action. The FIHS Dreamers joined forces with the NYS Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC). With the support of the NYSYLC, students prepared to share their stories and the ways in which their lives would benefit from this legislation.

     FIHS Dreamers began their day at 5:30am. They met up in Flushing, Queens to then head to Union Square to meet up with hundreds of other Dreamers and allies. Once in Albany, students lobbied in support of the NY DREAM Act.  Both undocumented students and student allies shared their immigration stories with legislators and talked about how this bill would allow them to pursue their dreams of attending college. Several students shared their “coming out stories” for the first time. We admire and congratulate these students since it takes a lot of courage to do this, especially with people who have a trajectory of being anti-immigrant (like it was the case of two republican legislators that we visited). Students also took the time to visit and thank legislators who have already co-sponsored the bill.

On March 19th, FIHS DREAM Team and other FIHS students will be joining a peaceful action-a human chain-in front of governor Cuomo’s office. This action is intended to pressure governor Cuomo to include the DREAM Act in the city’s fiscal budget. 

Congratulations to Xue Bing, Jeffri, Pamela, Ildoo, Liliana, and Xiaofeng for having your video selected in IHTD Youth Film Festival!  The students will be attending a Leadership Conference in Washington DC in April.  IHTD  asked youth, “If you had the power to choose, how would you spend 1 trillion dollars? What could that money do for your family, for your community, for your nation, or for the world? 

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Flushing International proudly presents:  "Moliere's: Tartuffe"

What happens when a criminal pretends to be something he is not and attempts to destroy a family? Will Justice be served? Can the family survive the deception? Will they live happily ever after or will their lives be destroyed?

Find out the answers to these questions in the comedy of Moliere's "Tartuffe" presented by the Flushing International Players!

Former Alumni, have currently been working on an immigrant rights project. "My Future Is Here" is an ongoing, collaborative public arts project with immigrant youth that utilizes digital media design platforms and socially engaged art practices to activate new imaginary regarding immigrant rights, the making of civic and political identity for the immigrant, and the development of a cosmopolitical framework for cross-cultural exchange. Collaborating students act as experts and consultants on critical immigration issues from the youth perspective, informing the project's content and conceptual framework.

Up Rooted Publishing Party

Twenty-six students from Flushing International High School published their original prose, poetry and photography in a new book entitled, UP
 Rooted: Expressions of Home, Identity, Belonging and Adapting Through Words and Photographs. Recently immigrated from China, Columbia,The Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Korea and Tibet,, these students participated in spring term electives, exploring themes of identity, community, home and immigration. From the  poem “Mi Neighborhood” to the memoir “Broken Roots;” from the images of the streets of Flushing, NY to the native foods being cooked in their homes, these students bring their love, their loses, and their hope to life in this 106 page publication. Educators Erin Dowding, Kevin Marquez, Grace Raffaele and Katie Strauss worked alongside the student authors and photographers throughout this 5 month process. A public reading at the Queens Museum of Art was followed by an author and photographer book signing and celebration for teachers, friends and family.

This project was made possible through the New York City Writing Project and a Student Press Initiative grant from the Dimon Foundation

Juana Campos is selected for National Geographic Expedition.

Juana Campos earned a scholarship from National Geographic this summer to travel to Australia
 While travelling Juana had the opportunity to expl ore rain forests, deserts, and the world's largest coral reef, and spot fascinating wildlife. She met with members of an Aboriginal community—the world's oldest living culture, which settled here more than 50,000 years ago.  Australia roughly has the same population of New York City and the landmass of the continental United States; it is the most sparsely populated continent on the planet after Antarctica.  

Aury Hernandez
recently visited Bangladesh as an Ambassador for The American Youth Leadership Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Aury was one of only

Aury's World Savvy video from Bangladesh

30 students selected from all over the United States to travel to Bangladesh and have this unique opportunity to explore  the critical issues of climate change first hand. Aury was part of a group that helped foster a mutual understanding, respect, and civic engagement among young Americans and their Bangladeshi peers.
    Upon returning from his four-week trip to Bangladesh, Aury will implement social action projects designed during the trip to address climate change issues.

Free Lunch Online Application

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To apply for free lunch online, go to https://www.applyforlunch.com/Application 

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