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Student Government Representatives Meet the Mayor! 

Flushing International's Student Government visited City Hall on February 11th, where they learned about the workings of NYC government. While at City Hall, the students had the opportunity to meet the 109th mayor of New York City! 

Thank you, Mayor de Blasio  for taking the time to come over and speak with us! The students also visited Federal Hall, the site where our first president George Washington took the oath of office.

Students from the Mural Project go the MET!
FIHS' artists in the Roots Mural Project visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. They observed arts from various cat could serve as symbols for the different themes that will comprise our school mural. 

Among the artist are Cristian Calleja, Maudeline Clervoix, Liz Nouel, Xuechen Jia, Santiago Martinez, Woiser Youdon , Jorge Correa, Melvin Gongora, Tashi Dolma, Longgen Nie, Sandy GoudaPamela Guaman Criollo, Xianle Jin, Surya Rahman, and Jinling Huang. The mural is expected to be done by the end of April! 

Green Thumbs Visit a Rooftop Farm in Long Island City

Students in the Green Thumbs elective are learning about urban farming.  On October 1st, we visited the Brooklyn Grange, an enormous rooftop farm located in Long Island City.  We learned about food systems, tasted green leafy vegetables, held worms from the compost pile, and admired the clucking chickens.  We are inspired to do some of our own growing at school.

FIHS Visits the Queens Botanical Garden

On September 19th, the Connections Team along with ER and E3 visited the Queens Botanical Garden to enrich their conceptual understanding of biodiversity. They learned more about city plants, the different types of weeds and how weeds can survive in different climates. The students participated in a workshop which main purpose was to make students aware that weeds could be beneficial in the urban areas as it stops soil erosion and can also be used for medical purposes.

STEM Education: FIHS student worked at the world class Harlem DNA Lab


At the Harlem DNA Lab, a dozen lucky students were selected to extract DNA from a cell this summer. James Creed was one of those lucky students, who spent 55 hours of training in conservation genetics and DNA bar-coding. James performed electrophoresis, or pushed DNA strands through a gel filter to separate the molecules.

Instructor Christine Marizzi (l.) works with students on genetics and DNA bar-coding at the Harlem DNA Lab.

“I actually enjoy doing this,” said a 15-year-old, who decided to join the program with a classmate. “I get to experience science other than just learning from a book. I’m kind of excited to see what it’s going to look like, because I’ve never done gel electrophoresis.”

The Harlem DNA Lab, which is operated by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, is equipped with state-of-the-art gear like dissecting microscopes, incubators and centrifuges for kids to use. And the program is free, thanks to $26 million in federal and private grants.

“There was no real science education going on, specifically in East Harlem, where there’s a need for STEM education,” said Marizzi, who is originally from Austria. “I think it’s a perfect place to expose kids to science, especially students who don’t have the opportunity to get science in school.”

For Shana Ramnarain, joining the program means the 14-year-old is one step closer to pursuing her dream job as a forensic pathologist.
“Science has always been one of my strongest points,” said the Queens high school freshman, who takes three trains from her home to get to the lab. “That’s what I’m headed for in my career. I like watching crime shows.”

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IHTD Day of Action on Capitol Hill
12th grade students Liliana Tenezaca, Pamela Taveras, Xuebing Li, and Jeffri Reyes traveled to Washington DC for the annual If I Had A Trillion Dollars national youth film festival, leadership training and lobby day.  They had the opportunity to meet legislators on Capitol Hill to encouraged them to spend less money on the military and more money on education.  They also participated in an action on the Washington mall demanding the same.  We are proud of them and hope our students will continue to share their stories and their ideas with the community, and our nation's politicians.  Good work Pamela, Xuebing, Liliana and Jeffri!