Numeral Systems:
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In this project students use statistics to satisfy their curiosity. They work on this project in both ELA and math class.

 1) Students brainstormed about interests and passions and generated a researchable question about a topic of interest. 
2) Students did some background research using the custom search engine below:

Students created a survey to:
    (1) Collected and organized data about their topic of interest
    (2) Graphed the data
    (3) Interpreted the data 

Students used this process to support their conclusion about their research question

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Class D I-Search Presentations

Class E I-Search Presentations

Class F I-search Presentations

Parabolic Curves and Linear Equations.
Essential Question: 
"How and why can we create parabolic curves out of                             straight lines?"
Students' Task:

Students create art using their knowledge of linear equations. They (re)create a piece of Art of Parabolic Curves using straight lines only.

They must:

  • Write the piecewise function forming the chosen art piece
  • Create a digital version of the art piece using desmos




Owrking on their Catapult project which was the culminating product of a Quadratic Functions Unit

Catapult Project
Here are my students exploring the math in multiple real-life experiences, among those was projectile motion of catapults! 

Essential Question:

How can you predict the landing place of a projectile?

Students Task:

"You are soldiers during WWI and one of your comrades is in a shell hole in No Man’s Land. You need to send him supplies without being noticed, so you decide to send him using a catapult.  How can you predict where your supplies will land? "

We all had a lot of fun!
Rosmery Milczewski,
Nov 11, 2015, 6:25 PM