Classroom Expectations

What to do and not to do to succeed and let others success this academic year:

 Not so essential

  • Participate in the class.
  • Be a responsible student.
  • Ask help from the teacher or classmates.
  • Be respectful to classmates, teachers, and school properties.
  • Ask questions to better understand the lesson.
  • Keep the room neat and clean.
  • Study for the Regents.
  • Stay afterschool for homework help.
  • Pass the quizzes/tests.
  • Come to class on time.
  • Study everyday even if there is no test.
  • Be prepared when coming to class.

  • Give a cute smile.
  • Share food to everyone.
  • Get a perfect score in the test.
  • Saying good morning

Totally prohibited 
  • Forget to do homework.
  • Say bad words.
  • Chew gum in the class.
  • Play in the class.
  • Pretend that you know the lesson. use cellphones in school