Students' Grades

Grading/Assessment Policy:

 Students will be graded based on the attainment of learning outcomes reflecting the mastery of Content, Work Habits, Language Development and Collaboration.

 Type of Outcomes Description
Mastery of Content
 In mastery of content, students must show how they remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create through concepts learned and skills developed.
 Language Development In language development, students must be able to ask and discuss concepts that are new and confusing, make connections between previously learned vocabulary and vocabulary found in a new lesson to reason and make arguments through writing, and speaking.
Work Habits
 In work habits, students must show that they are well prepared, organized, have good attendance and punctuality, actively participate in class interaction, and can complete given assignments. Students must also show respect to their teammates, teachers and classrooms. 
Collaboration is an expect work habit to succeed in our school. Students must encourage and support others in the group, help direct the group in reaching consensus, make necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal.
These three criteria will be assessed using the following tools: projects, math portfolios, tests and quizzes, essays, homework, class discussion, journals, peer assessment, teacher observation, notes, and the use of technology. 

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