E3 Science with Shweta

Hello E3,
I have created a credit recovery page for you, so that you can access credit recovery work anytime. 
This is how you will do it:
1. Based on your jumprope progress report you will identify the outcomes that you need to work on.
2. You will match that outcome with the outcomes in this credit recovery page ( I can help you with this).
3. Print out all the document under that outcome.
4. Read, text code, annotate the readings and complete the worksheet/s.
5. Submit your work to me. 
6. I will give you a quiz or ask some questions to you assess your understanding of the outcome.
7. Based on #4,5 and 6 I will makes changes to your grades on Jumprope progress report.

Feel free to ask questions anytime,
Shweta Ratra
E3 Science