Awards Ceremony

Our first official E3 Award Ceremony. On Team E3 we have such a diverse population filled with talented students. It is important that we celebrate and recognize our achievements together. More creative award categories coming soon...

Congratulations to the Overall Improvement Award Winners!
Marcelino, Lin Ming, Jia Hao, Wen Qiang, (Li Ming).

Here are the Writing Award recipients.
Dennise, Sitara, Khatira, Wilson, and Ying Jiang

Give a round of applause to the Participation Award Winners!
Khatira, Mahnoor, Hyo Jae, Josue, Yoel, Bing, Franklin, Ngawang, Tenzin, and Jasur
A quiet but very very diligent bunch for the Work Ethics Award
Gao Ying, Jia Li, Tenzin, Charles, Qiu Hui, Joey, Yu Heng, Yong Xiao Sai Di, Victoria, Ya Yun, Ying Jiang, Melissa, Denisse, Olga, and Hong Teng
Here are our E3 Team Leaders!
Zhi Ming, Tenzin, Linda, and Nan

Sportsmanship Award Winners-
Lin Duo, Hiu Tan, and Wilson

Global History Superstars!
Charles, Laura, Khatira, Tenzin, Josue, Song Yan, and Nan

Academic Excellence Recipients (in all content areas)
Charles, Khatira, Nan, Song Yan, and Zhi Ming