Biology with Jordan and John 2013-14

Welcome to Another Exciting Day with Your Favorite Short Male Teachers...

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Project 7: Evolution Part II - Simulation Board Games

Project 6: Evolution Part I - Human Evolution

 Watch us Extract our DNA: 

Extract DNA at home!
 We then Amplified with PCR:

PCR - What is it?  
Sing about it!
Checked for DNA with Gel Electrophoresis:

Gel Electrophoresis - What is it?

 Next we'll compare our sequences:

DNA Layered Curriculum

 6-5: Delicious DNA Photos!
 Workbook pages:

Here are some Interactives to help

Griffith Experiment:

Hershey-Chase Experiment:

 6-9 and 6-10: Modeling Nucleotides and Advanced MolyMod.  

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6-8: DNA Structure
How Watson and Crick used base pairs to discover DNA's structure: Video Here

6-9 and 6-10 See the bases:

C and G!

A and T!

Several nucleotides with the Backbone!

One Nucleotide!
 6-11: Journey to the Center of Your Ear

DNA Functions - Replication

Discovery of DNA Structure:

How are we similar at the very small level?

 - Eames Powers of 10 - Look inside a human
 - Powers of 10 from Florida State - Look inside a tree leaf
 - Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Look inside a bear, a human, and a tree

Websites and articles worth clicking on:

Check out some wonderful videos on human evolution:

 What makes us human? on NOVA:
Compare us and Neanderthals!

Physical appearance:
DNA and genes:
 Becoming Human on NOVA:
 OK, more NOVA!  ALL about Neanderthals...
20:00 - Svante Paabo's Lab and the search for Neanderthal DNA in us!
 Where did we come from? on NOVA

Go to 26:00 to hear about when we stopped being hairy.

 Svante Paabo's TED Talk on Neanderthals and our DNA:

 Is the Theory of Evolution controversial?  Find out in NOVA: Judgement Day - Intelligent Design on Trial:


Project 5: Biometrics - Measuring You!

Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems:

Find an article on a factor affecting health:

Great for browsing 
 NY Times Health

The health page.
 Cenage Library
use the password "empirelink" if it asks
Articles for kids and teens.

Finished measuring your biometrics?  Enter the data here, or click on the running man

Project 4: Biomes of the World...Unite!

Intro Video to Biomes:

Websites to Research and Read:

Biotic Stuff - Food Chains and Webs

Climate is what you expect, Weather is what you get
Here are some resources for reading and making Climatograms:

Project 3:  Great Adaptations Project

Click to watch some of the great TV shows that influence our project:

Pillbug Experiments and Skits:

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