E/R Biology 2012-13 with Jordan

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Microscope Practice: http://www.udel.edu/biology/ketcham/microscope/

Unit 7: It's Your World - a humanities and science collaboration!

Our PSAs:


Cod  - Hook and Line or Trawler Nets? - http://video.pbs.org/video/2324025884/
Swordfish! - Harpooning or Long Lines? - http://video.pbs.org/video/2292007111

Global Warming
What would NY, Washington, DC, and Miami look like in a Global Warming world?  

 Water World on PBS

Global Warming's Effects in Bangladesh
 Extreme Ice on NOVA
What happens when the ice melts?

See 2012's Retreat
 The Greenhouse Effect
HHMI Animation
 The Geologic Carbon Cycle:


Unit 6: Old Man and the DNA or Fish Forensics!

DNA Barcoding
1.  Extract 2. Amplify 3. Check 4. Sequence

 We did it! See our DNA extraction for barcoding:

Here's the full protocol from Epoch!

Project 6-1:  How to extract DNA - TEMPLATE

 How do we amplify DNA?  See the PCR!






Utah Genetics PCR Virtual Lab


 So, did we get any DNA?  See our gels...

The ladder (L) is a 1kb. The 2 lead bands are 500 bp and 1000 bp. If we got the COI gene as planned, we should see a band between those 2 sizes, about 650 bp. Ignore the bright "primer dimer" at the lead of each run - that little guy (~80 bp) is of no concern. So, can you tell which samples have a positive result?

Utah Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab

 Now for the sequencing.  What is this stuff?





Sanger Sequencing Process

NCBI nucleotide BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)

DNA Functions - Replication

Introduction to DNA Barcoding

    Where did I steal most of this from?

DNA Layered Curriculum

 6-3: Delicious DNA Photos!

Click Here
 Workbook pages:

Here are some Interactives to help

Griffith Experiment:

Hershey-Chase Experiment:

 6-6 and 6-7: Modeling Nucleotides and Advanced MolyMod.  Upload your picture here:

Click Here
6-5: DNA Structure
6-6: How Watson and Crick used base pairs to discover DNA's structure: Video Here

See the bases:

C and G!

A and T!

Several nucleotides with the Backbone!

One Nucleotide!
 6-8: Journey to the Center of Your Ear

DNA Functions - Replication

Discovery of DNA Structure:

What's in your Hamburger? - Introduction to DNA in the Supermarket:

How do we identify Fish on our plate?
The Science behind species identification - DNA Barcoding:

Unit 5: Ecology with Old Man and the Sea - a humanities and science collaboration!

See Photos of our Supermarket Investigations...

Watch videos:

Old Man and the Sea Movie by Alexander Petrov: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v12456110exz2Cg6n


Unit 4: SEX, SEX, SEX

Mitosis Extra Credit Challenge: Go to Flushing Library WALL OF MITOSIS on Kissena Boulevard and take pictures of you and a friend doing the Mitosis dance - Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, and Cytokinesis.  Submit your photos and pictures on Voicethread, with narration, and share with your class and Jordan.  You'll get a Highly Proficient on Bio Outcome __ and Language Outcome __.

 Want to see an example?  Click for the photos HERE or below:

Fertilization Resources:
Mitosis Resources:

Here are a couple of powerpoints about the male and female reproductive systems:

Male: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1n6nl53B6LMVDhHZzRWQVRTa00/edit?usp=sharing
Female: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1n6nl53B6LMd29WZnBPaS12TFU/edit?usp=sharing

Contraception Posters!

Contraceptive Posters

Contraception Links:
- Planned Parenthood: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control-4211.htm

Unit 3: You Are What You Eat

Diffusion and Osmosis:

Click on the links below to see some animations of diffusion and osmosis:

This one has some good vocabulary - dissolve, solute, solvent, solution...

Digestive System Videos

Click to see ALL of the videos E/R made about digestion throughout world history:

Good TV and Radio about Food and Digestion:

Digestion and Enzymes

Food and Nutrition
Take a look at our field trip on December 19 to the American Museum of Natural History: 

Global Kitchen

Some tips and ideas about food:

  • Food Pyramids:
        Food Pyramid

Unit 2: It's Not Easy Being Green

What did we do at the Queens Farm Museum?  Take a look:

Click to see the Plant Cultures website:
Plant Cultures

I hate the Regents...Click below for the Exams and all the answers in English: