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Urban Barcoding Project

Need the protocol?  It's on the UBP website:

Go to
DNA Subway
DNA Subway to view and analyze your results.

Every time we send amplified DNA samples for sequencing, we get a tracking number for that batch of samples.  To see your sequences, use the following tracking numbers to load your sequence data.  There is a key for each tracking number.  Find which numbers are your samples, make sure you click to select them on DNA subway, and you're done - you can view your sequences.  Still not sure?  Anthony and Jordan are always there to help!

Sequencing results are there, but you need the tracking numbers and keys.  The DNA subway has a different number for your sample than you do, so you need to search for your number before submitting and starting your project.

 Date  Tracking number
 Key to samples in this shipment
 21 Nov, 2011
 10-181392739 7-10= vi1-vi4, 11-12= MP1 and MP2, 13-14= GF2 and GF3, 15-18= AG1-AG4
 12 Jan, 2012
 10-184249547 1= vi1, 2= vi2B, 3= vi3B, 4= MP3, 5= MP10, 6-12= RB1-RB7, 13-15= PD1-PD3, 16-19= SP1-SP4, 20= BB1, 21= BB3

 2 Feb, 2012
 10-187567548    1=GF1, 2=GF4, 3=GF5, 4=AG7, 5=Ed3,         6=Ed4
 9 Mar, 2012
 10-190225226 1-3=PD4-PD6, 4-8=QF1-QF5, 9-11=ID1, ID2, ID9