Information Brochures for Parents of English Language Learners

The following page provides information on ELL identification and eligibility, the three types of ELL programs, and ways parents can participate in their child’s education.

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Information for families of students who are English Language Learners

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Information for English Language Learners

Registration Information for the 2016-2017 School Year

Attention FIHS Parents

You can reach the FIHS Parent Coordinator 
Ms. Yesenia Ortiz-Gavilanes via email at 

For urgent matters, please contact the school directly at (718) 463-2348

Transitioning to Portfolio Assessment - PBAT FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about

Transitioning to Portfolio Assessment for Graduation

Starting this year the International High Schools have been granted a variance by New York State to use portfolios instead of Regents for graduation. Below are some common questions about this approach to assessment.

What are portfolios?

Portfolio projects have been a part of our culture since the founding of our school. Many of you have already participated in panels. These portfolio projects vary from subject to subject, but they have several characteristics in common. They are done over several weeks, represent the culmination of multiple years of academic development, and are assessed with state-approved standards reflected by rubrics.

What are the current requirements for graduation?

Students will present four portfolio projects and a self-evaluation to panels of teachers and other community members. The four projects are a literary essay, a laboratory report based on authentic research, a social studies research paper, and a mathematics project involving modeling, academic language, and problem solving. The portfolio projects and presentations must meet certain minimum standards to quality for graduation. Additionally students will be required to pass the ELA and math Regents examinations, and they will have to meet all credit requirements. Additionally, each International High School may have additional graduation requirements.

What are the advantages of portfolios in place of Regents?

Portfolios provide a more accurate assessment of a student’s knowledge and skill level in a particular subject area. Additionally the process of preparing and presenting portfolios is particularly useful for the expectations of college. Students that have attended portfolio-based schools consistently provide feedback that the process of reading large amounts of materials, extensive writing, multiple revisions, and oral presentations was incredibly useful for meeting the rigorous requirements of college courses.

What impact does a portfolio system have on getting accepted to college and for scholarships and financial support?

Students graduating under the portfolio system will have a high school diploma certified by New York State. Graduating from a school with portfolio assessment is viewed as excellent preparation for college, especially considering the amount of research and writing that happens in most college courses.

What does the school do to support my child in completing the portfolio projects and presentations?

Each student will provide guidance and support both in the subject area classroom and through senior mentoring. There will be opportunities for feedback and practice in effective presentation and communication skills.

As a parent or guardian what can I do to help?

Check in with your child frequently about how he/she is doing with the portfolio and with meeting the deadlines throughout the school year. In addition to the senior mentor and the classroom teachers, it’s often helpful for students to get feedback on their writing and their ideas, including any work that is done in the home language.

Can I attend portfolios?

Yes! As in the past, we will invite you as well as other guests to join the portfolio panels. We definitely value your full participation in the process and will work with you on finding translation, if needed, and to the extent possible a time that works with your schedule.

What if I still have questions about graduation requirements, my child’s progress, or the college application process?

You are always welcome in our school! We put a high value on your involvement in your child’s education, and we will always do whatever we can to provide you with the information that you need. The best way to get a complete picture of your child’s progress is to reach out to the parent coordinator, guidance counselor, social worker, assistant principal or principal, and then we’ll work with you to set up an appointment.

For more information, please contact:

Parent Coordinator, Yesenia Ortiz
Guidance Counselor, Toni Mendoza / Bella Fan
Social Worker, Tania Romero
Assistant Principal, Kevin Hesseltine
Principal, Lara Evangelista

Regents Exam Information
Information for parents about the upcoming regents examinations.

Parent Teacher Conferences 

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Student and Parent Portal on Jumprope

This year we have introduced a new grading program, to help students and parents better understand their grades.   With the traditional grading system students and families needed to wait weeks or months to get feedback on their learning, they're unlikely to truly capitalize on the potential to improve. 

We as a school are committed to a Mastery-based grading system.  We believe as a learning community,  mastery-based grades will give  more realistic feedback to parents and students in regards to their academic growth. 

With mastery-based reporting, parents get a realistic assessment of whether a student's performance meets requirements for their courses, and can see particular skills  they have done well in and which skills they need to improve.  Traditional report cards give an overview of each subject (A,B,C,D or NC) but do not show whether an individual concepts has been missed. 


Scale Used on Jump Rope

Designation on FIHS Report Cards

Credit Earned for Course






















1.       Log in by entering the student's First and Last Name, Student. ID Number, and 1 other piece of information: house number, apartment number, and/or phone number, as is reported to the school.

2.       Once logged in to the system, you can get access the following reports.

a.       Welcome Screen - more information about the Jumprope

b.       Grade Alerts (Green is Good and Red means low grades)

c.       Late or Missing Assessments:

d.       Mastery with Low Mastery:

e.       Current Grades

f.        Attendance

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